Posted Thu, 11 Aug 2022 15:44:20 GMT by Chris Monsma Dalton Corporation MIS Technical Team Leader
Greetings - I will preface this question with the understanding that some poor choices may have been made when we first set up our Robot Reports system, but I am frustrated with the process of assigning access to a new user... 

So my question is:  is there a way to copy the report distributions from an existing user to a new user?

I understand I can copy a user, but that seems to do very little for me.
Today I am working through a request to give a new executive access, with access matching that of a user who may view over 230 individual reports (from about 50 different report sets).

My current, tedious, plodding method of dealing with this request is
  1. Go to Maintain Report Sets and find a Report Set
    1. Find a Set with reports to assign - Give a 3 [Enter] for Report Names
      1. For each Report Name included - Give a 2 [Enter] for Bursting Instructions
      2. Then a 1 [Enter] for Distribution
      3. Then an A [Enter] to Add/Copy/Delete (usually I can take the first user in the Distributed To list and avoid more keystrokes)
      4. Then [Enter] to take the default of 1 to Copy (I had to go back and add the [Enter] key presses) 
      5. Then [Ctrl+V] [Enter] to paste the new user's name into the Distributed To field
      6. Then F3 or F12 to go back and verify that the user is listed (that I actually hit the Enter key after pasting)
      7. Then F3 or F12 to go back to the Bursting Instructions
      8. Then F3 or F12 to go back to Maintain Report Names
      9. Repeat steps 1-8 for each report required (have to look...)
    2. Repeat for all Sets with reports to assign
This isn't exactly difficult, but it is mind-numbing and not given to finding a natural rhythm.
Why isn't there an option to read through a user's listings and copy it to another user?

Or why can't I at least work the distributions from the listing for a given user from:
  • 2. Recipient and Distribution List Menu
  • 1. Maintain Recipients
  • 3=Recipient Report Control
Here I see all the user's distributions, but I can't skip to working with the distributions to add another user, so I'm left going to each set and skipping around to find only the correct reports.

I really, really, detest this task - can you tell?
It should be so much easier.

Should I be taking the time to clone this to a Distribution List instead so it can be re-used?
Am I just to suffer until I take the time to suffer to try to build the Distribution Lists needed to parse this into groups?
Is there an option to clone a user to a Distribution List?

Current version:  R07M691160519
Posted Thu, 23 Feb 2023 20:36:51 GMT by Jesse Eyrich IT Operations Support Specialist
I had this question some time ago. I contacted support and they said the repcpydst command should do the trick. It works great for copying one Robot recipient's report list to another recipient. REPCPYDST, then enter the recipient the reports are to be copied from and down the page enter the recipient the reports are to be copied to. Press enter and it's done.

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