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We currently have Robot/Console versions 5.25 - 6.12 on multiple systems.  We want to upgrade to 7.04 where possible.  OS versions are V5R4M5, V6R1M1, V7R1M0, ans V7R3M0. Two questions: Does the OS have to be above V7R2? And can different versions of Console coexist in my network?

Speaking of network, I have the same type issue with Robot/Network.  The current host is at 11.27 (on a V7R3 system).  Nodes range from 11.18 to 11.30.  We want to upgrade to 12.04.

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Hello Pete - because of the different OS levels you will be unable to get most current on systems backlevel beyond OS 7.2 for both products. Here are the cut off levels for each product on their respective OS - you can get these updates from the Downloads/Archived Downloads on the portal.

OS           Product    Level

5.4           Con          5M30

5.4           Net            11M18

6.1           Con           6M09

6.1           Net            11M28

7.1           Con          6M12

7.1           Net           11M30

You can get most current shipping products for OS 7.2 - 7.4 directly from the downloads on that portal.   For Console you can directly update to R7 from R6.  If you are at R5 and can go to R7 you must convert to R6 first and then to R7. 

And with Robot Network the host must be at a higher release then any of the nodes.  So if your host can not be updated to most current your nodes must stay at the same Release and Mod level or lower then the host is at. 

Both products will require new GUI installs as well

Please let me know if you have further questions


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