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On a V730 IBM i OS system, the AVUPGRADE job to update the PTFs and virus definitions runs fine and is current. the AVSVR job is not running.  When I try to start it, the joblog shows the 'McAfee engine 5900 initialized with virus definition 9027', the one minute 20 seconds later it ends with end code 0.  The only thing I see in the AV logs is in avsvr_error.log there is a message 0001: Bind: Address already in use.  I'm looking for the resolution to get the job to stay active.

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Hi Pat, This is Lynn at Powertech support. I see that you are getting an error and your AVSVR job wont stay running. I opened support case CAS-0010117282 to address this issue. We will be in contact with you via email to assist getting this job running properly. 


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Thanks,  I thought of that after I created the post.  The system had a power outage and shutdown unexpectedly after the UPS delay time out the day before.  So I decided to try and end the server, and then it restarted.

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