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The name of the infected file is not displayed correctly in the AVMSGQ message queue

Mensaje . . . . : FILE ■Ç?_Á■%Á?>/ÊÀ?■Á#Ä/ʬÄ?_■:#ø IS INFECTED WITH
'á¦ä ê■ÈÁËÈ■Ã#%Á'.

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Hallo Leonardo,

Please can you email me the following? Please send to and start the email with    Hi Steve

A QPJOBLOG spool file from the scan process.

The scan log from the IFS - use option 10 from the AVMENU to find this.

The version of anti virus - DSPDTAARA STANDGUARD/AVRELMOD, or if that doesn't exist try GO LICPGM, option 10, scroll down to 0AV2000 and hit F11 and tell me the INSTALLED RELEASE.

The settings for the following system values - QCCSID, QCNRYID and QLANGID.

Thank you


Steve Warner

Senior Support Consultant


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