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It has been very obvious that the time varies in each virus scan but the concern here is i have scanned an oracle box in development environment which has taken a humongous amount of time exceeding it to +49 hours with just 280000 files in it. Where as it has also scanned around 80000 files in just 5 minutes. Any help/suggestion is appreciated. Thanks.  

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Hi Adnan- We are following up to your question in a support case CAS-0010139382.    

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I am interested to know if there was a resolution/explanation to the above post from Adnan.


By the way Adnan, when it comes to database files they generally don't need to be scanned as they are influx and open files take longer so I believe the time will invariably be longer than flat files.


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Two suggestions were made to address the slowness:

  • Add the --maxwait 30 or 60 flag which is what most sites do.
  • Scan with --noarc or split the scans into smaller chunks and scan on different intervals as these are mostly backup files and you won’t be opening them very often.

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