We have about 5.4TB of data that is backed up encrypted to tape every day using another tape encryption product.  This process takes between 16 and 18 hours to complete.  We have Crypto for ATM/Debit/Credit PAN encryption already and are evaluating using Crypto for tape backup encryption.  In our initial testing Crypto was 4.5x to 5x faster backing up the same test data set on the same tape drive and tape type.  On our first roll out attempt those results were reversed; it was taking 4x LONGER to perform the encrypted backup using Crypto vs. our current tape encryption product.  

Some background on what's being backed up to tape; 352 (2 sets of 176) individual save files from one library who's object size range from under 1GB to 168GB. 

The first attempt was to have a job for each save file that used the ENCSAVF command and resulted in the 4x longer time.  Doing some research, we found that it appears the ENCSAVF command is no longer supported or has been obsoleted so we changed the command used to ENCSAVOBJ.

We have tested the ENCSAVOBJ command by executing it once and having all of the save files listed and having it executed once for each save file in the same job.  This resulted in 9 hours 50 min for the all in one and 9 hours and 18 min for one per save file.  Better results however not what we seen when doing the development and testing.  

Is there any better way to do this with Crypto?  

Did the individual jobs per save file cause the extended time?