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 This may be an application issue, and it may be an operator issue.  I've tried every combination of ways I can think of to build this filter with no luck, and I've reached the point where I'm ready to ask for help.


I'm using a report patterned after T:CP User Profile Changes.  What I'm looking to do is report which profiles had their user class changed to *SECOFR or *SECADM -or- had the *ALLOBJ or *SECADM special authorities assigned.  I have success filtering on the user class (CPUSRC) equal to *SECOFR and *SECADM and getting the results I am happy with.   I then have another filter which targets the special authorities and it does not return the records I know qualify.   The problem filter is using CPSSEC (*SECADM spec aut) equals *YES OR CPSALO (*ALLOBJ spec aut) equals *YES.  Using one or both elements of that filter returns zero results, although in a small data sample I have five qualifying changes.  See screen shots illustrating (*SECADM only in this test) what I'm trying to describe.  I've tried *YES, YES, '*YES', 'YES', like '%YES%', like '%*YES%' with no changes.   I'm starting to think there is an issue with the filter using the CPSSEC and CPSALO fields.


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Hi Chris. We are following up to your question in a support case CAS-0010113382. 


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 Chris was using Compliance Monitor version 3.28.

He was advised to use the value Y for his filter and once he did this he got the expected results.

We recommended updating to Compliance Monitor 3.29 because it contains some fixes/improvemtents to filtering.

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