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Hi! I am building a report for our Ops team and their report filtering requires the use of NLIKE in their existing report.  Wondering how to do that in CM.


Sample filter in IBMi:-

AND JOESD NLIKE '%xxx05%'  


I got the first line using LIKE setup as follows;

ESDF like '%XXZ%'

AND ESDU equals '%XXZ%'

Need comment on this as well if I am doing it correctly.  


Thanks in advance!

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Hi Mark! 

Compliance Monitor has various logical operators for the filters, but NLIKE is not one of them. In order to work around that, all you need to do is to apply De Morgan's Law to transform the operators in your statement into operators that Compliance Monitor supports ;) .

Be sure to not actually enter the single quotes in the GUI when entering the string values. In essence, the input field in the GUI for the comparison value assumes the role of the single quotes, separating the string value from the rest of the query.

Use this:

ESDF LIKE %*xxx%


NOT ESDF like %xxx01%

NOT ESDF like %xxx02%

NOT ESDF like %xxx05%


Two more notes:

  1. Sure you need that asterisk in the first statement? The "%" as the wildcard should suffice. Unless you want to look for a literal asterisk.
  2. Whether ESDF or ESDU is used may not matter in this case. ESDF is just ESDU with the fields separated by vertical bars.


Note for other users:

ESDF = text of Journal entry (from audit journal), formatted

ESDU = text of Journal entry (from audit journal), unformatted

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Here's an example of how this filter looks like in the GUI.

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Thanks Kurt! 

Really appreciate it for pointing all the awesome advice & tips.  Didn't occur to me the filtering operator would work that way and now, I am enlightened! :D

For note #1, I think that could be a typo on my end but thanks for giving the extra detail that I need to add that if I am looking for an asterisk. 

A BIG thanks!  

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Thank you for your kind works, Mark! 

Always happy when I can help a customer!


Best regards,


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