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I am looking for the documentation on how to build a BoKS 7.2 domain (including a replica and a client) from the scratch.  

Thank you in advance.

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The only documentation around this is the Install Guide.  That is more specific to software installation than building/designing domain.  That said, in the Knowledge Base in the Community Portal, there is a section for "Best Practices".  That too is a little limited.


If you need more, we should probably open a case.  The KB would be a good place for this kind of thing, and I would be interested in suggested topics.


Tim Jelinsky

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Thanks Tim for quick response.

We are looking for MDS package for BoKS 7.2 Linux.  We found MDS-, is this for Linux OS?  I don't see that it specifies like 7.1 (MDS-v7.1.0.1-linux-x64.tar.gz)

Just want to make sure.



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I answered in the case you opened.

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Good morning Tim,

Hope you are doing well!


A quick question please.  My 7.2 master is up.  I am looking for a way to import data from another domain, is there a tool to quickly do that?

By data I mean userclasses, accounts/groups, routes…



Thank you!

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It depends on how much data.  If just specific things, you can do dumpbase on source domain and restbase on the target.  "dumpbase -t <table number>" will dump that table.  You can edit the file if you want to pare it down.  "restbase" with "-T" truncates the table first, so for instance, if you have existing data that you want that is not in source you should not use  "-T"

The other option is boks_bru.  This will backup entire database and restore it.  It will truncate all existing data in database.  This is important if master and other things are not defined in source.  You can edit output first, but this is much more difficult to do correctly.

Hope this helps.  If you need more, we can open a new case.


Tim J.

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