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As suggested on CAS-0010212026, a workaround is to stop boks_portmux from listening to the 6501 port on the Master by editing the boksinit.master file and changing the line:

 1.  portmux:1:0:respawn::${BOKS_lib}/boks_portmux -P servc -P master -xn


  portmux:1:0:respawn::${BOKS_lib}/boks_portmux -P master -xn

 2.  restart the portmux bdebug -x0 portmux

After restart portmux, portmux on the boksinit.master became portmux_dbg

$ grep portmux /etc/opt/boksm/boksinit.master
portmux_dbg:1:0:respawn::${BOKS_lib}/boks_portmux -P master -xn

$ ps -ef | grep portmux
root      6928  6608  0 00:39 ?        00:00:00 boks_portmux -P master -xn

Please confirm if it is ok.

Thank you.

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This does work, but is odd.  When debugging, it will rename the line this way.  It normally renames back when used with "-x0".  I will need to research why it does not rename properly.  With the uneditted line it does put it back to original.   I'll put it in the original case.


Tim Jelinsky

Posted Wed, 12 Aug 2020 01:27:08 GMT by

 thank you Tim.

Please let me know.  The management wants the change on onewfqa tonight before they want it on the production domain.

Is there a verification step for this workaround?

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