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Q. I upgraded InterMapper on a Linux box and now intermapperd won't start. What troubleshooting steps can I take?

A. The following steps will help Dartware engineers:

1. Ensure there are no log files in the /var/local/InterMapper_Settings/InterMapper_Logs folder that are greater than 2 GB in size. Log files greater than 2 GB can prevent the intermapperd from starting.

2. Check for the presence of a lock file:
#service intermapperd status". If you see the message "intermapperd dead but subsys locked, delete the /var/lock/subsys/intermapperd file.

3. Check in /var/log/messages for intermapper-related messages:
# grep intermapperd /var/log/messages

4. Make sure the InterMapper server is stopped:
# /etc/init.d/intermapperd stop

5. Run InterMapper in debug mode:
# /usr/local/bin/intermapperd -d -f /usr/local/etc/intermapperd.conf 2>&1 | tee -a InterMapper_Debug.txt

(That's all one line.)

This should run a number of self-tests and then start the InterMapper server, sending the logging to both the screen and the file InterMapper_Debug.txt. If the prompt ever comes back, that's the sign of a crash, and we'd like to see the contents of the InterMapper_Debug.txt file.

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My InterMapper is starting for 10second then stopped working, check output message 

Aug 18 10:57:52 Mapper-TNT relaunch: [4640] '/usr/local/bin/intermapperd -f /usr/local/etc/intermapperd.conf --no-daemonize' exited with status 1. Relaunch in 10 seconds...
Aug 18 10:57:52 Mapper-TNT relaunch: [4640] '/usr/local/bin/intermapperd -f /usr/local/etc/intermapperd.conf --no-daemonize' crashed in less than 60 seconds

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Hi Twana,

I see an issue in the debug log related to a defect associated with build 6.4. The UPS APC probe would cause the service to stop. We recently released build 6.4.1 last week and it contains a fix for the defect.

Can you please upgraded to build 6.4.1 and let me know if the issue continues?
6.4.1 Download -


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Hi Steve

Thanks for the help, My issue is fixed with a new build 

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