Additional debugging information can be enabled for the following options:

  • Big Brother Traffic
  • Chart Plot
  • Collaborator
  • Command-line Probes & Notifiers
  • Dump SNMPv3 Packets
  • Dump WINS/NetBIOS Packets
  • Flows (Regression)
  • Flows Raw Data
  • Flows Events
  • Fonts
  • Graph Events
  • ICMP Protocol
  • IPMI Events
  • Locale
  • Modem Paging
  • Network Events
  • SMS
  • SMTP Connections
  • SNMP OID Errors
  • SNMPWalk
  • TCP Probe Connections
  • TrueType Font Handling

Generally, you would enable one or more of these options at the request of Dartware technicians in order to add useful debugging information to the server's debug log file.

To enable any of these options, use the Help -> Diagnostics -> Detailed Logs window. You can select the option you want to turn on by checking the appropriate box in the displayed list. You can enable multiple options in the list if necessary.

When instructed, enter a device's IP address in the 'IP Address Filter' field in order to filter the logging for a specific device. This helps to limit the number of debug entries written to the log file.

When you have enabled the appropriate option(s) in the list and filtered on an IP address if required, click 'OK' to close the window. A debug window will be displayed that you can safely close, as the additional logging is written to the debug log on disk as well as being displayed in the debug window. Select the device on your map, right-click and choose 'Reprobe Selection' from the contextual menu. It is helpful to allow the device to be reprobed twice.

When finished, submit the server debug log file to Dartware by using the Help > Send Feedback window. You can select the debug log in the Logs tab of the bug reporter window. The log is named with the date, e.g. debug20130511000.txt is the log that corresponds with May 11, 2013.

Alternatively, you can email the debug log to [email protected]

The debug log is located:

  • On Windows Vista, Server 2008, and newer,
    C:\ProgramData\InterMapper\InterMapper Settings. Note ProgramData is a hidden directory and view settings may need to be changed for access. 
  • Windows XP & Server 2003,
     C:\Documents and Settings\All Users\Applicaton Data\InterMapper\InterMapper Settings, unless a different location was chosen at installation. 

  • On Mac,
    /Library/Application Support/InterMapper Settings/InterMapper Logs/Debugyyyymmddhhmm.txt 

  • On Linux, in /var/local/InterMapper Settings/InterMapper Logs/Debugyyyymmddhhmm.txt

When you are finished testing, remember to turn off the option in the Detailed Logs list.