From time to time, it is necessary to get detailed "snmpwalk" data from a device that's being tested. Here are two methods of retrieving and sending that information to us:

  1. Use net-snmp if it's available. The snmpwalk command with the -ObentU option gives numeric OIDs with a minimum of formatting. Modify the example below and replace PUBLIC, IPADDRESS, and STARTING-OID with your own values:
    snmpwalk -v2c -c PUBLIC -ObentU IPADDRESS STARTING-OID

    Copy/Paste the SNMPwalk information into an e-mail. 
  2. Use InterMapper's built-in SNMPwalk facility to save a SQLite file. This is described in the Developer Guide, but here are the steps:

    Use the Help -> Diagnostics -> Server menu command. You'll see a window where you can type in a command. Paste the line below into the window and click Execute. (Note: this command is slightly different from the one above.)
    snmpwalk -v2c -c PUBLIC -o FILE.sqlite IPADDRESS STARTING-OID

    InterMapper saves the snmpwalk information to a file SQLite file named: InterMapper Settings/Temporary/FILE.sqlite
    Multiple SNMPwalks can be appended to the same SQLite file.
    Send the .sqlite file in an email to, or read the page above in the Developer Guide to view the data yourself.