From time to time, it is necessary to get detailed "snmpwalk" data from a device that's being tested. Here are two methods of retrieving and sending that information to us:

  1. Use net-snmp if it's available. The snmpwalk command with the -ObentU option gives numeric OIDs with a minimum of formatting. Modify the example below and replace PUBLIC, IPADDRESS, and STARTING-OID with your own values:
    snmpwalk -v2c -c PUBLIC -ObentU IPADDRESS STARTING-OID

    Copy/Paste the SNMPwalk information into an e-mail. 
  2. Use InterMapper's built-in SNMPwalk facility to save a SQLite file. This is described in the Developer Guide, but here are the steps:

    Use the Help -> Diagnostics -> Server menu command. You'll see a window where you can type in a command. Paste the line below into the window and click Execute. (Note: this command is slightly different from the one above.)
    snmpwalk -v2c -c PUBLIC -o FILE.sqlite IPADDRESS STARTING-OID

    InterMapper saves the snmpwalk information to a file SQLite file named: InterMapper Settings/Temporary/FILE.sqlite
    Multiple SNMPwalks can be appended to the same SQLite file.
    Send the .sqlite file in an email to [email protected], or read the page above in the Developer Guide to view the data yourself.