Q: When I install InterMapper on my Vista/Win7 computer, the InterMapper Control Center (IMCC) doesn't get installed.

A: The InterMapper installer tries to write the path to IMTray.exe to a registry entry called IMTray at HKLM/SOFTWARE/Microsoft/Windows/CurrentVersion/Run. This registry entry is what starts up IMCC when a user logs onto the computer.

It appears that Trend Micro's Client/Server Security Agent quietly prevents the registry entry from being written. There don't seem to be any log entries or error messages about this anywhere.

To work around this, turn off the Trend Micro agent, then do a clean install of InterMapper. The registry entry will be successfully written, and IMTray will started as expected. It must be a clean install, and not a re-install / repair. After the install, you can turn the Trend Micro agent back on.

To turn off the Trend Micro agent, right click the agent's tray icon and select "Unload Client/Server Security Agent". You must enter the Trend Micro password.

To turn the Trend Micro agent back on, right click the "Solve PC issues" tray icon (little flag), and click the message that allows you to turn the agent back on.