Dumpim.sh is a diagnostic script that you may be directed to use by Dartware technical staff when InterMapper is performing poorly. The instructions are below:

Download the "dumpim.sh" script that uses gdb to inspect the running intermapperd process.


This script collects information about the running InterMapper server process using gdb; the script (and gdb) need to have appropriate permission to be able to reach the running intermapperd, and so will need to execute as the root user[*]. On systems where sudo is set up to escalate privileges, such as Ubuntu or Mac OSX, use the following ommand:

sudo sh ./dumpim.sh

On systems without sudo set up (most other Linux and Unix systems), use the following command:

su -c sh ./dumpim.sh

The script should take between 10 and 30 seconds to run; when it completes, it will print the name of the file where the results are stored. Send that file to us.

[*] Technically that's not true; it is sufficient to execute the script as the same user that intermapperd is running as; by default, that's a bit tricky, as the intermapper user is created without permission to run a login shell, though sudo can do it:

sudo -u intermapper sh ./dumpim.sh