Dumpim.bat is a diagnostic script that you may be directed to use by Dartware technical staff when InterMapper is performing poorly. The instructions are below:

Download the following zip file from our web site. It contains a tool named "dumpim.bat" that will tell us where the program is wasting CPU cycles.



1. Unzip the file dumpim.zip.

2. Stop the InterMapper service.

3. Copy the contents of the dumpim archive into the C:\Program Files\InterMapper directory.

(There are six files: cdb.exe, cmd.txt, dbgeng.dll dumpim.bat, sleep.exe, tlist.exe. None of these files should replace existing files, unless you've installed dumpim before.)

4. Start the InterMapper service.

5. When InterMapper becomes unresponsive and/or runs at high CPU, open a cmd.exe window and type: 


cd C:\Program Files\InterMapper
dumpim.bat dumpfilename.txt

The default setting for the batch file is to take 10 samples with 10 secs between samples. If different number samples or different intervals is required, run dumpim.bat with additional parameters:

dumpim.bat dumpfilename.txt [number_of_samples number_of_mseconds_between_samples]

For example, dumpim.bat filename.txt 3 10000 will take 3 samples with 10 secs delay between samples.

4. Email us the contents of the C:\Program Files\InterMapper\dumpfilename.txt file.