At times, a Dartware technician may instruct you to turn off "stackwalks" to assist in identifying a problem with the InterMapper server.

You can turn off stackwalks using the Help -> Diagnostics -> Server Command window. Type 'stackwalk off' in the command field. To enable stackwalks again, simply type 'stackwalk on' in the command field.

If you cannot open the InterMapper client, you can turn stackwalks off using the InterMapper telnet server. The telnet server must first be enabled in order to use this method. To turn on the telnet server:

- Edit > Server Settings > Server Configuration > Telnet Server
- Turn the server 'on' in the top of the window
- Add the allowed IP address or IP address range to the allowed IP list in the firewall settings; e.g. to allow access from any address, enter *.*.*.*
- Click 'OK' to save the setting

To turn off stackwalks using the telnet server, log into the server by going to a command prompt and typing:

telnet 23

Replace with the IP address of the server Intermapper server is installed on.

- Enter an InterMapper administrator user/password to get in.

- Once in, type "stackwalk off'.

- A confirmation is displayed "Turning stackwalks off".

- You can enable stackwalks again using the command 'stackwalk on'.