Q. I upgraded the InterMapper server and now intermapperd won't start. The InterMapper Control Center displays a message that the server is starting, but it never does. What troubleshooting steps can I take?

A. The following steps will help Dartware engineers determine the cause of the problem:

1. In Terminal, type "sudo /usr/local/share/intermapper/Start.sh". This will attempt to start the server manually.

2. In Terminal, type "ps aux | grep intermapperd". This will test whether intermapperd is running or not.

3. In Terminal, type "dscl . -list /Users". This will list the users on the machine, including non-login users. In 5.2 and above, intermapperd runs as a separate intermapper user. Normally, the intermapper user is created as a non-login user, so it won't appear under Accounts in System Preferences.

4. Open the Console application (inside /Applications/Utilities) and find the install.log file under the /var/log heading (/private/var/log in older OS X versions). A portion of this log file will describe all the steps taken to install InterMapper most recently. Copy and paste the contents of this log file and email them to us.

5. Using the Console application, go to the system.log file under FILES and enter "intermapperd" into the search box. Email the relevant snippet of the log file.

6. Using the Console application, open the most recent InterMapper debug log file at: /Library/Application Support/InterMapper Settings/InterMapper Logs/Debug...

Send us the contents toward the end of the file. If there isn't a log file, we need to know that too.

7. In addition, open a Terminal window and type 'ls -l /tmp/intermapper*' If there is a file in /tmp named "intermapperd_ipc_msg", you can delete it -- this should clear the starting message in IM Control Center.