* What is SNMP?

* What is the "Read-only Community String"?

* Why can't I get SNMP information from a device?

* How can InterMapper query a particular MIB variable?

* Do all tables have an index?

Some tables don't have a separate index column. These rows are named (their OIDs are specified by) data in the row. For example, the OID for tcpConnState row, the status of a particular TCP connection is "". Its index is the source and destination IP address and port (all four values) which are appended to the tcpConnState OID. Thus, the full OID for the state of a TCP connection from port 543 to port 8765 would be:

* Where can I read more information about SNMP?

A great site pointing to various snmp products:


MIB Depot is a huge source of standard and vendor MIBs.


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