Q. Is there a way to set per-volume warnings/alarms for the Host Resources probe? On my server that I use for backups I have a couple large volumes (each about 3.5 TB) that I use for disk-to-disk backups. The OS volume is a relatively small 140GB. What I'd like to do is be able to set InterMapper to set the device to warning/alarm status when the OS volume reaches 90%/95% (14/7GB free) or when the large volumes reach 99% (35GB free). Is there a way to have different thresholds for different volumes?

A. This isn't possible at the moment because the data is held within a table. Hopwever, you might be able to approximate it in 5.1 by creating a probe group with more than one Host Resources probe in it, with one instance of the probe ignoring all but the small disks and one instance of the probe ignoring all but the large disks, and then setting the thresholds appropriately for each. This would mean more than one poll from InterMapper to the target system, but it would only count as one device against your license count.