Q. How do I interpret an unknown enterprise number?

A. If your error log file shows the following lines:

  • 14/02 15:13:07 TRAP CITRIX1:: coldStart14/02 15:13:07 TRAP CITRIX1:: linkUp, ifIndex = 114/02 15:13:07 TRAP CITRIX1:: linkUp, ifIndex = 1677721914/02 15:14:07 TRAP CITRIX1:: { }

The SNMP id is

The "" prefix of the OID indicates that the trap is from a private enterprise MIB. You can find out what enterprise by downloading the Enterprise Numbers RFC from:


Reading through the file indicates this:

3845 Citrix Systems

You should contact the Citrix company (or read their MIB) to find out the exact interpretation of the trap's OID.