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 I need to create a custom probe , and no MIB file is available. I do have the OID's that are required. I can use the OID's and get the values from the device using SNMP get command, but when i create a custom probe it   shows N/A.

This is the Probe below.   Hope someone can offer some help.


FlexScada FlexQ4 probe for InterMapper -
Copy this text and save as a file named: com.dartware.snmp.flexscadaflexq4.txt
Then import it using File -> Import -> Probe...

This is an InterMapper SNMP probe that monitors several variables for InterMapper.
... You can add more commentary if it would be useful ...

As you make modifications, be sure to update the Revision history below:

8/27/2018 Generated by Interactive SNMP Probe Builder page, version 1.0a1,


Please feel free to use this file as a base for further development.
Read the Developer Guide to learn more about InterMapper Probes. The Guide is at:

-- The <description> section contains the text that will appear in the Set Probe... window.
-- It gives you a chance to describe how the probe works, what the parameters are, and how to
-- how to set it up.


\gb\FlexScada FlexQ4\p\

Probe to View Voltages and relay status using FlexScada FlexQ4

-- The <header> section determines the probe's unique name, what kind of probe it is,
-- its Human Name, and its place in the probe picker hierarchy, and other assorted attributes.


"type" = "custom-snmp"
"package" = "com.dartware"
"probe_name" = "snmp.flexscadaflexq4"
"human_name" = "FlexScada FlexQ4"
"display_name" = "Experimental/FlexScada FlexQ4"
"version" = "1.0"
"address_type" = "IP,AT"
"port_number" = "161"


-- <snmp-device-properties> are flags that alter the InterMapper probe's behavior.
-- You generally do not need to use these, but they can be useful for devices that don't
-- work as expected. For more information, see the <snmp-device-properties> section of the
-- Developer Guide's at:

-- none required

-- Parameters are user-settable values that the probe uses for its comparisons.
-- Specify the default values here. The customer can change them and they will be retained for each device.


-- No parameters specified.


-- InterMapper retrieves the <snmp-device-variables> using the OID or variable names from the MIB.
-- Specify the variable name, the MIB name or OID, the format (usually DEFAULT) and a short description.


oid_1_3_6_1_4_1_4128_1,, DEFAULT, ""
oid_1_3_6_1_4_1_4128_2,, DEFAULT, ""
oid_1_3_6_1_4_1_4128_3,, DEFAULT, ""
oid_1_3_6_1_4_1_4128_4,, DEFAULT, ""
oid_1_3_6_1_4_1_4128_5,, DEFAULT, ""
oid_1_3_6_1_4_1_4128_6,, DEFAULT, ""
oid_1_3_6_1_4_1_4128_7,, DEFAULT, ""
oid_1_3_6_1_4_1_4128_8,, DEFAULT, ""
oid_1_3_6_1_4_1_4128_9,, DEFAULT, ""
oid_1_3_6_1_4_1_4128_10,, DEFAULT, ""
oid_1_3_6_1_4_1_4128_11,, DEFAULT, ""
oid_1_3_6_1_4_1_4128_12,, DEFAULT, ""
oid_1_3_6_1_4_1_4128_13,, DEFAULT, ""
oid_1_3_6_1_4_1_4128_14,, DEFAULT, ""
oid_1_3_6_1_4_1_4128_15,, DEFAULT, ""


-- The 'autorecord' section specifies the variables that
-- will be saved to the InterMapper Database.
-- No 'autorecord' variables specified.

-- Specify rules for setting the device into Alarm or Warning state.
-- The rules are tested top-to-bottom, and stop when one matches.


-- No thresholds specified.


-- The <snmp-device-display> section specifies the text that will be appended
-- to the device's Staus Window.

\B5\FlexScada FlexQ4\P0\
\4\\0\ $oid_1_3_6_1_4_1_4128_1 \3G\\M0\
\4\\0\ $oid_1_3_6_1_4_1_4128_2 \3G\\M0\
\4\\0\ $oid_1_3_6_1_4_1_4128_3 \3G\\M0\
\4\\0\ $oid_1_3_6_1_4_1_4128_4 \3G\\M0\
\4\\0\ $oid_1_3_6_1_4_1_4128_5 \3G\\M0\
\4\\0\ $oid_1_3_6_1_4_1_4128_6 \3G\\M0\
\4\\0\ $oid_1_3_6_1_4_1_4128_7 \3G\\M0\
\4\\0\ $oid_1_3_6_1_4_1_4128_8 \3G\\M0\
\4\\0\ $oid_1_3_6_1_4_1_4128_9 \3G\\M0\
\4\\0\ $oid_1_3_6_1_4_1_4128_10 \3G\\M0\
\4\\0\ $oid_1_3_6_1_4_1_4128_11 \3G\\M0\
\4\\0\ $oid_1_3_6_1_4_1_4128_12 \3G\\M0\
\4\\0\ $oid_1_3_6_1_4_1_4128_13 \3G\\M0\
\4\\0\ $oid_1_3_6_1_4_1_4128_14 \3G\\M0\
\4\\0\ $oid_1_3_6_1_4_1_4128_15 \3G\\M0\


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Hello Corwin,

The OIDs you're showing, -, translate to enterprises.4128.1 - enterprises.4128.15, where  4128 is the private enterprise ID for the vendor, in this case ARM Ltd, apparently.

The individual subids for enterprises.arm could be defined traps, or MIB branches, or scalar objects.If it were a table, there would be a table object and entry object that aren't showing.

Maybe the easiest thing to try is to assign an SNMP traffic probe to the device, right-click it and use SNMPWalk with the SNMP Object ID field set to That will show all objects available in the private enterprise branch of the device MIB that the SNMP agent on the device will export (assuming SNMP is enabled and you're using the correct SNMP version and community or other authentication).

Objects with values returned for them can be used as probe variables and you should get responses for them.

Please let me know the response you get, in the open support ticket CAS-0010112506. Just email [email protected] with that Case ID in the subject line.

best regards,

Mike Maki

InterMapper Support

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