Q. I have created a custom SNMP probe with an on-demand table display, but every time I try to display the table, InterMapper displays this in the debug log:

10:07:14 ======= Begin Stack Walk (Build 89291/i386/Darwin)
0x00270248 XThrowException(long, char const*, int) (in intermapperd)
+ 64
0x0025B3B4 RSNMPPkt::AddVariable(RSNMPObjectID const&) (in
intermapperd) + 56
0x00257CD7 USNMPWriter::AddVariable(RSNMPObjectID const&) (in
intermapperd) + 33
0x001D336A CSNMPRouterQueryTable::BuildRouterRequest(unsigned char*,
long*, long, CRouter*, long, RSNMPObjectID*, CSNMPv3UsmInfo const*)
(in intermapperd) + 360
0x001E7781 CTableSNMPWalkInfo::BuildRequest(unsigned char*, long*,
long) (in intermapperd) + 141
0x001D799B CSNMPWalk::Send() (in intermapperd) + 97
10:07:14 ======= End Stack Walk (Build 89291/i386/Darwin)

A. The problem is that you have too many variables in the section of the probe. There is a limitation of less than 50 variables in that section for a query to work.