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I am trying to write a custom trap probe to monitor messages from a server that is sending traps of conditions of a number of areas, each area represented by a different OID. In the probe I declare an OID that is unique do an area but can't figure out how to use that in the <snmp-device-thresholds> section to limit changes in status only that specific OID.


"MyOID" = "1.3.9999.1.3.3"


critical: ${vbVal5} == 3 and ${vbOid5} == ${MyOID} "?1?Node is critical!?0?"

critical: ${vbVal5} == 0 and ${vbOid5} == ${MyOID} "?1?Node is OK!?0?"



There are references to using and/or in equations in the the Dev pages but no examples.

Any tips would be greatly appreciated.



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Hi Paul,

Thanks for the question. I need more detail about the trap contents in order to be able to give a helpful answer. I have opened a case, CAS-0010211236, for it. You should be able to see it under Support > My Cases in the customer portal. I'll also be following up with an email with detailed questions.

I'm concerned also about the OID value you're assigning. Is that generated by the trap launching device or the trap forwarder? Dotted-integer OID values have specific connections to the MIB that defines them and can't just be user-generated on the fly. I'm sure I misunderstood what you're doing, but we can discuss it offline. Thanks,

Mike Maki, InterMapper Support

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