Q. I am using the SNMP Traffic probe and having problems monitoring a PPP multilink bundle. The interface status window reports 0% utilization, and Tx/Rx stats for pkt/second but none for byte/second. The two T-1 physical interfaces display utilization stats but Tx/Rx stats for byte/second and none for pkt/second.

A. Try changing the SNMP version in the probe to version 1. InterMapper may not seeing high performance traffic counters for the interface. Using SNMPv1 will disable the HC counters.

If you enable detailed logging for 'Network Events' (Obtaining a detailed debug log)the relevant section of the log file reveals that InterMapper sent a request for IfCountsHC (the high capacity counter version of ifCounts). InterMapper is supposed to send such a request for each interface being monitored, but the first response indicated it was "[DONE]":

15:27:51 myrouter: Send IfCountsHC(id=20d44be0) row = 17309696, ver = SNMPv3, user = 'admin', auth = '********'/MD5, priv = '********'/None
> 15:27:51 myrouter: Receive IfCountsHC(id=550783968) [DONE]