Q. The status output for a custom probe is showing as a link to a chart for all variables. How do I make some variables show as black and tell InterMapper it is not chartable? Probe output section below:

\B5\TandbergTV Receiver Custom Probe
\U2=http://${deviceaddress}\Go to the device's web page\P0\
\4\Program:\P0\ ${Program}
\4\Signal Lock:\P0\ ${lock}
\4\Bit Rate:\P0\ ${bitrate}
\4\Packet OK Time:\P0\ ${pktoktime}
\4\Frequency:\P0\ ${freq}
\4\Modulation:\P0\ ${modulation}
\4\Viterbi BER:\P0\ ${ber}
\4\C/N Margin:\P0\ ${margin} dB

A. You need to put an eval around it. So, for instance, this:

\4\Modulation:\P0\ ${modulation}

becomes this:

\4\Modulation:\P0\ ${EVAL: "${modulation}" }