If you are seeing a device showing No SNMP response please try the following steps.

1. Go to the Set Probe Dialog window and verify the correct community string is in use. Right click on the field to display the human readable text.
2. Right click on the device and run an SNMPWalk using the ifTable. If this produces an output Intermapper should be able to identify it. If not, this is something the user will need the manufacturer to verify it works.
3. If the device provides output on the SNMPWalk but continues to display No SNMP response verify it shows the same results on the server...Depending if it has a gui. If the server looks correct, but the Intermapper Remote Access client shows No SNMP response try restarting the application on IMRA.
4. Some firewalls may be dropping SNMP requests because it has flagged them as a DDOS attack.
Please try raising the polling to 5 min on a device and let’s see if that changes to no SNMP. Right > Set Info > Set Polling
5. Help > Detailed Logs > SNMP OID Errors > Network Events and filter on IP Address in question
Let it Poll for a few minutes
Help > Send Feedback > Fill in the contact information and use the Case # for the subject line > Logs tab > Select Latest server Debug log  > Submit.