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I have a probe file that talks to Liebert a/c units.  I want to see the percentage of cooling being used.  The units are in the same family, but use a different OID to get the same information.  So, in my display section I end up with some ugliness trying to display both, since only one will contain data.  How do I prevent the non used OID from complaining in the display?


status window

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I believe this is something what you're looking for.



first_oid,    , DEFAULT, first possible value for percent cooling

second_oid,,               DEFAULT, second possible value for percent cooling

display_variable,              (${first_oid}  == 0 ? “${second_oid}” : "${first_oid}"), CALCULATION, “print this in display section”




Translation – if the value of first_oid isn’t 0, print the second oid, else print the first one.


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