Q. I have a device that is reporting greater than 100% utilization for an interface. How is that possible?

A. It is possible that InterMapper is correctly reporting utilization based upon what the device has told InterMapper via SNMP. Take, for example, the following line from the InterMapper Event log:

02/25 00:13:57 dbug sfgcore UTIL[93]= 115? {FullDuplex} inByPS=221138, outByPS=8542; upTimeNow=284927137, upTimePrev=284924109; inOctetNow=1239845775,
inOctetPrev=1233149716; outOctetNow=2682183346, outOctetPrev=2681924669; bps=1536000; sysOID=

The bytes per second in (the higher of in and out) is 221138, which can be shown to be correct based on the upTime and inOctet numbers. Divide that by the speed, 1.536Mbps, multiply by 8, then multiply by 100 to get a percentage:

221138/1536000*8*100 = 115.18, or 115%.