Q. I created a custom SNMP probe that queries for 25 variables. The probe returns an error "SNMP responses contain an error status value of "tooBig". What does this mean?

A. A "tooBig" response simply means that the SNMP agent tried to generate a response with all of its OID's, but the response grew too big for its buffer. The limit is 50 OIDs per-request. However, the probe writer is responsible for setting the limit lower if it asks for too many variables at a time and receives a 'tooBig' response in return.

If you get a "tooBig" response with 25 variables, set the 'maxvars' property to 20 or lower. The 'maxvars' property controls the maximum number of variables to put in each SNMP request. If a custom probe requires more variables than 'maxvars', InterMapper sends multiple queries containing up to 'maxvars' variables.

If you don't specify a value for 'maxvars', and you ask for more than 50 variables, then 50 variables are put in the first request and the rest in subsequent requests.

Below is an example of setting the 'maxvars' property to 20 variables: