Q. I am in the process of changing the probes for our switches over to a new probe that will monitor stack status. I noticed that the chart for CPU Percent Busy (OID: is changing to uptime (OID: when I change to the new probe. This same problem does not happen in reverse. When I apply the new probe and begin charting CPU Percent Busy, the chart will remain CPU Percent Busy if I switch back to the old probe. The old probe does not chart uptime at all. The chart will show an error if the line to pull uptime is removed from the new probe.

A. To deal with probe changes, InterMapper associates the variable names in your probes with an internal ID used to identify the specific data sets. Try to retain existing variable names between your old and new probes. InterMapper may be falling back on the order of the variables in the probe if it can't manage to sync with the variable names.