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How are you monitoring Windows File Sharing services (SMB)?

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Hi Joel,

WMI Service Monitor probe. Put the name of the samba service (shown in Task Manager > Services tab) in the probe, login credentials for the target server.

Server Settings > NT Services & WMI must have credentials for someone who is an administrator on the InterMapper system, and Login as a Service rights assigned (secpol.msc to add that).




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I did not find the WMI Service Monitor probe on my instance of InterMapper, or on the More Probes website.

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If the server running Intermapper isn't a windows OS, then no WMI probes are available.

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The InterMapper server is installed on macOS.


So, back to my original question, with a tweak:

How do you monitor Windows File Sharing services (SMB) when InterMapper is running on macOS?

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Samba (SMB) is an add-on connectivity tool, and there aren’t any defined standard SNMP MIBs for tracking its utilization which rules out making a custom probe.

Monitoring the process is usually done on the SMB/CIFS server itself. There might be a Nagios NRPE plugin available to do it at

The user would need to put the NRPE script on the server to be monitored, then use the Servers > Proprietary > Nagios NRPE probe to run the script on the remote server.




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