Q. When I am testing a command-line notifier which will trigger a Perl script with "test.pl ${message}" in the command-line, it displays the following error:

"Unable to test ''. The command 'test.pl' is available in the Tools directory, but it does not have the correct file permissions"

However, I can run test.pl from a Windows command prompt.

A. This is because test.pl is not an executable file. It "executes" from the Windows command prompt because behind the scenes, Windows runs perl.exe due to file associations, but InterMapper requires an actual executable file. .BAT or .CMD files are executable files, and so they are allowed, as are .EXE files, which is why it is recommended that people who want to use Perl scripts do it that way.

If you will be creating a number of Perl-based notifiers, it might make sense to make a "perl.cmd" batch file which will take the filename of the Perl script and the message as parameters and invoke Perl, so that you need only one .cmd file to implement all your notifiers.