Q. Is there a way to remove built-in probes from the list of available probe choices for a device? I tried deleting the probe file from the Intermapper Settings > Probes folder and restarting InterMapper, but the Probe still shows up as available in the probe list.

A. The built-in probes, that is, those that ship with InterMapper, are always available, and do not depend on the contents of the Probes directory. To suppress the display of a built-in probe in the list, you will need to add the 'INVISIBLE' flag to the probe header and then reload the probes.

type = "tcp-script"
package = "com.dartware"
probe_name = "tcp.lotusnotes"
human_name = "Lotus Notes"
version = 1.4"
address_type = "IP"
port_number = "1352"
display_name = "Servers-Proprietary/Lotus Notes"
flags = "INVISIBLE"