Q. Can I configure thresholds for the Apple Xserve probes?

A. The Apple Xserve probes use the same facilities used by Apple's Server Monitor application to retrieve information. Apple has pre-configured several thresholds for various properties, such as temperatures, blower speeds, and power supply values. These thresholds are hardwired into the machine. The Server Monitor protocol specifies when any of these thresholds are exceeded and the error message and status will be reflected by the probe. If a new version of Server Monitor allows these thresholds to be changed, then the InterMapper Xserve probes will use the new thresholds.

For network interfaces, disk drives and enclosure intrusion state, the protocol includes a summary that is an integer. The integer is added to the total ERROR_LEVEL of the probe. For temperatures, power supplies, and blower speeds, it actually specifies min and max warning and failure thresholds that are used to generate the Reason text in the Status Window. These also include an integer summary of the state that is added to the ERROR_LEVEL. This ERROR_LEVEL determines the state of the device in InterMapper:

0 == OK
1 == warning
2 == alarm
3+ == critical