Q:  Up to the latest version we've been using the HP SMH (Systems Management Homepage) and an SNMP polling probe to monitor our ESX hosts for hardware issues. With vSphere 5(.1) now out, and only in ESXi format, we no longer have that option.

How are you fellow InterMapper users monitoring your ESXi hosts for hardware status?

I had thought of a custom SNMP trap probe monitoring the traps vCenter generates, but that seems like quite a bit of work...


A:  I use a python script to Monitor our ESXi Hardware because we do not have a vCenter for all Hosts.


It works for us with HP and IBM Hardware only the Cisco Hardware are not Monitored correct.

You need a python interpreter on your Intermapper here the instruction how to install it:


I have then create a commandline probe to make it easier to use.

submitted by Daniel Rehnitz