Overview of Nagios Plugins

You can use InterMapper's command-line probe feature to run a wide array of useful Nagios plugins. These are available from the Nagios website or from the Nagios Plugins website.

Earlier versions of InterMapper had a "Nagios Template" probe for this function.

InterMapper 5.0 renames this probe the "Nagios Plugin" probe and enhances it to interpret the results from the Nagios plugins more completely. If you are familiar with the previous version of this probe, please scroll down to "Changes" to get a quick list of changes. Otherwise, read on.

Using Nagios Plugins with InterMapper.

The Nagios Plugin probe lets you specify a Nagios plugin to run, along with any associated parameters. You can use the ${ADDRESS} and ${PORT} macros in the command line — InterMapper substitutes the device's IP address and the specified port. InterMapper will invoke the plugin and use the exit value to set the condition of the device to UP/Okay, UP/Alarm, UP/Critical, or DOWN.

InterMapper also interprets the information written to stdout by the plugin and formats it into the InterMapper status window. In particular, the performance data returned by the probe becomes a list of chartable variables, and the reason/condition appears as the device's condition string.

The Nagios Plugin probe expects the Nagios plugin to be in the Tools sub-directory of the InterMapper Settings directory.

Nagios and the Nagios logo are registered trademarks of Ethan Galstad. For more information, see http://www.nagios.org/.


* The (earlier) Nagios Template probe mapped plugin exit code 2 as down. The Nagios Plugin probe maps plugin exit code 2 as critical, and plugin exit code of 3 as down.

* The Nagios Template probe took any data written to stdout as the "condition" or "reason" for the status. The Nagios Plugin probe detects the presence of performance data ("PERFDATA") in the output, and makes a formatted and chartable display of the data.

* The canonical name of the Nagios probe has not changed; any device which used the old Nagios Template will now automatically use the Nagios Plugin probe.