Q:  Single IP address which has lots of sensors (e.g. Hundreds!).
Each sensor is represented as a probe on a map, so we have hundreds of
devices on a map with the same IP. The device throws a trap for each
sensor (think motion sensor and door sensor, which we want to be
event/trap-driven instead of polling, which we can easily miss the

With this configuration, all probes on the map process the trap and is
causing the event log and database to balloon very quickly! Anyone with
any idea how to address this?

A:  Build custom probes for each trap massage.For example:

warning: $Error1 = "FailedHDD" "HDD drive fail"

Error1, CISCO-SMI::ciscoMgmt.230.4.5, TRAPVARIABLE, "Second value"
Error2, CISCO-SMI::ciscoMgmt.230.4.9, TRAPVARIABLE, "Third value"
Error3, CISCO-SMI::ciscoMgmt.230.4.10, TRAPVARIABLE, "First value"

You will have to know the format of the traps for this to work.