Q. Ever since upgrading to InterMapper 5.0, my SMTP probes return an error:

[SMTP] Name not found. (550 Unable to verify)

I tried changing the probe to use a valid email account, but still receive the error. My GroupWise servers do not support the 'VRFY' command, but prior to upgrading, the probe did not display this error.

A. This is actually the result of a bug that was fixed in 5.0. The probe has always done a VRFY but, prior to 5.0, receiving a 550 response wouldn't change its state to alarm as intended. The easiest solution is to edit the probe file. You can find it in the 'Probes' folder within your InterMapper Settings folder. The file is called com.dartware.tcp.smtp. Open the file in a text editor, and look for line 80, which will read:

STAT ALRM "[SMTP] Name not found. (${_LINE:50})"

Delete that, and save the file. From InterMapper Console/Remote, right-click and Set Probe for any device, to bring up the probe picker window. Click the 'Reload Probes' button in the lower-left, then click cancel. On the next reprobe, your SMTP probes should be fine again.