Q:  Using the custom-snmp NetApp probe written by Mr. Stewart Harris and would like to be able to throw an alarm on a specific percentage of disk use.

My understanding is that it will only currently alarm on the following variables.

alarm: ($miscGlobalStatus <> 3)&&($miscGlobalStatus <> 4) "$miscGlobalStatusMessage"
alarm: $diskfailedCount > 0 "$diskFailedMessage"
alarm: $fsOverallStatus > 1 "$fsStatusMessage"

warning: $miscGlobalStatus = 4 "$miscGlobalStatusMessage"

And an error message such as the one below will be turned from the $fsOverallStatus variable.

Message from InterMapper

Event: Alarm
Name: filer02
Document: Storage
Address: 192.168.x.y
Probe Type: SNMP-SHEF- Netapp Status (port 161 SNMPv2c)
Condition: /vol/NA01_NFS03 is nearly full (using or reserving 95% of
space and
0% of inodes, using 95% of reserve).

What I would like to do is to be able to alarm once 70% of the disk is in use. I'm thinking about adding the following to the section

alarm: $fsMaxUsedBytesPerCent > 70, "Alarm Message"

Would this work in order to alarm me sooner at a predifined alarm percentage? I looked up the OID for the NetApp fsMaxUsedBytesPerCent and it simply returns an integer of 0 through 100.

A:  Yes, that should work. You could also set a second threshold for it go critical like this (which would set the threshold at 80%):

critical: $fsMaxUsedBytesPerCent > 80, "Alarm Message"