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Is it possible to customize the output of a threshold message to include a number with two decimal points in the snmp-device-thresholds output?  Particularly in the email that is sent out.

For example of a value was 80.06:

warning: ${PercUsage} > ${WarnThreshold} "TCAM ${PercUsage} > ${WarnThreshold}"

Yields 80 in the output. 

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Hi Jason,

I've been trying different probe edits to get decimal output in the reason string for the device status, which is what is used in the notifier for a value. The case ID is CAS-0010208146, and is available for review in your portal login. I've asked for a developer assist for this, and if there is a way to do it, I'll publish it here as well. Thanks for the question.

Mike Maki

InterMapper Support

Posted Fri, 26 Jun 2020 05:16:33 GMT by

Hi Jason,

The thing preventing decimal output in the reason string, and also the notifier text is the available variable types.

We don't have a numerical type "float" to use, and although we could manipulate the output with string macros, the <snmp-device-thresholds> section won't accept strings, and errors even though the string variable is in the comment following the actual threshold.

You need to depend on the threshold firing and letting you know which condition is exceeded, then check the device status for the actual reading, as it stands.


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