Q:  Trying to graph load averages on a Mac server, using the Host resrouces probe.


I can set up a SNMPv2 community string and sure enough it responds with values but I can’t seem to get the queue load average, only the CPU load.

How do I set InterMapper up so that I can get and graph the 1-min load average?


A:  There is a YouTube video that shows how to do this.


Here is the script below so you can read along.

Using InterMapper to monitor a device and create a chart:

This video was produced on a Macintosh, but InterMapper works equally well on Windows or Linux/Unix:

- Select the menu Insert -> Device... Address is localhost

- Right-click and Set Probe... Choose "Servers Standard", then choose Host Resources. Change parameters to SNMPv2c and the proper community string. (You can also set thresholds in this window.)

- Right-click to open the Status Window. This shows a tremendous amount of information about the device being tested. The "Reason" at the bottom shows that several disks are nearly full: that causes the icon to be in "alarm" state (orange).

- In the Status Window, the "UCD-SNMP Load Table Information" shows the three load averages: 1, 5, and 15 minutes.

- You can create a chart from any blue underlined value: simply click on it. A chart appears with the Load-1 value.

- Add multiple values to the chart by dragging their blue values into the chart.

- Adjust the chart parameters to fit the data. (Load averages rarely get above 4, so decrease the Upper bound from 100 to 4; change the dividers to 5 to give nice divisions of the Y axis).

- The chart continually fills with newly-acquired data from the device.