When troubleshooting access problems with WMI probes in Intermapper, it is good idea to verify the Intermapper host server can actually talk WMI with target Windows machine!

The easiest way to do this is to use the WMIC commands built-in to Windows

Open Windows command prompt
at windows command prompt type in  wmic and hit enter

this should bring up a prompt like this;


At this prompt type in following

/node:IPofTargetServerToTest /user:NameOfUserToAccessTargetHost cpu

/node: is the target host server you need to verify for Intermapper probe
/user: is name of user you are using in Intermapper for the probe access

cpu is the wmic check you are performing on the target host machine

It will prompt for the user password, for user used above

if working correctly, you will get something similar to following;
There is much more information returned, this is just part of what you will see.

AddressWidth  Architecture  AssetTag  Availability  Caption                               Characteristics
64            9                       3             Intel64 Family 6 Model 26 Stepping 5

If the WMI probe is working for one host and not the other within Intermapper,
then try both here and you will find quickly if the problem is within InterMapper or external of it.