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Q. How can I test whether Windows is initializing my GSM modem?

A. Try to connect to it with HyperTerminal and issue a modem reset (ATZ) followed by the initialization string (ATE0V1), and then exit HyperTerminal. You can then run an SMS notifier test. If that fails:

- Stop the InterMapper server.
- Remove the modem in the Phone and Modems control panel.
- Unplug the modem's USB cable.
- Plug the modem back in. Windows should discover new hardware.
- Allow Windows to install the modem driver.
- Connect with HyperTerminal, issue the ATZ and ATE0V1 commands and quit HyperTerminal.
- Restart the InterMapper server and test the SMS notifier.

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Since HyperTerminal isn't shipped with Windows any more, substituting another terminal emulation application such as PuTTY is recommended.

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