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Q. Is there a way to disable all the Notifiers for a particular map?

A. Switch to the Notifier view for the map, where you can select each Notifier to display the devices that are assigned to the Notifier. Alt-click (or Option-click) on a checkbox to uncheck all the boxes in each column.

Alternatively, you can turn all notifications off for a map by selecting all the devices and Acknowledging them (indefinitely, if need be).

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When I switch to the Notifier view, I only see devices that are down. It would really be nice if Intermapper had a way to turn off ALL notifications with one button or menu options. That seems pretty basic.

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Hi Bob, thanks for the comment.

I can reproduce the condition you describe by selecting the Down icon in the icon bar above the map. This displays only down devices in Device Notifier (and also in List) view. Clicking that icon - it's a red square to the left of the red diamond with an excamation point in it - should clear the filter and let you look at all device states on the map simultaneously.

Selecting or clearing notifications for any of the states for all map devices is done by holding down the Alt key and clicking on the column.

Please let me know if this isn't the issue and we'll continue offline.

Mike Maki

InterMapper Support

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Regarding the second option in the answer at the top:

You can easily acknowledge all map devices by first selecting them using Control-A in either map or list view, then right-clicking a device and choosing Acknowledge.
You do need to select an acknowledgement type and insert a comment, but it’s pretty quick and the correct way to prevent unwanted notifiers.

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I know this is an old topic but I am wondering if there is a way to:

Disable all notifications at once without acking all objects and without having to go into notifiers and deselecting them all. Just like a map wide snooze for all alerts for x time?

Posted Tue, 27 Oct 2020 22:31:46 GMT by

Yes, a snooze feature would be very helpful.

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If it's per map then we can go to Edit > Map settings and make a mass change to the notifiers on that map. You can click the reset notifier button and make all of the devices on the map not use a notifier. When the time is ready, you can reapply them on the same window, but if you have multiple notifiers it could be time consuming.

There is also Edit > Server Settings > Notifier List > selecting the individual notifier will allow you schedule a window where no notifications can launch. This one might be too much work as well if you have lots of different notifiers.

I can create an ER asking for a snooze option that applies to notifers on the server and specific to maps. Otherwise, if you have any specifics let me know and I'll write it up based on that.



Intermapper Support

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A snooze button that would stop all notifications would be great.

Posted Fri, 30 Oct 2020 04:43:54 GMT by

I created an ER for a snooze option for the notifiers server wide and per map.
The article number is KBA-40296-Q2J2S6

I’ve include Ofer and Bob as contacts to the article so ay updates will generate an email notification to you.



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