Q. Can InterMapper send text message notifications to a mobile phone?

A. InterMapper can send SMS or Text Messages using TAP, the Telelocator Alphanumeric Protocol, with an internal or external analogue modem. It will connect to a paging service and deliver a notification or alert to your mobile phone.

If your paging service provides a TAP paging terminal that forwards pages as SMS or text messages to your wireless phone, you can follow the instructions below to configure InterMapper to send alerts to your phone.

1. Add a new Notifier. To do this, click the Add button in the Server Settings > Notifiers List window, . The Configure Notifier window is displayed.
2. Select Alpha-numeric pager (Dialup) as the notifier type from the drop-down list.
3. Click Edit Subscriber List.
4. Add a new paging service. To do this click the Add button in the Paging Services tab. Enter the name of the service, the phone number to dial (including any numbers you may need to access an outside line), and a password, if required. Data bits, stop bits, parity and speed can all be left to the default values unless your paging service has provided you with different values.
5. Add a new subscriber. To do this, click the Paging Subscribers tab, and then click the Add button. Enter the subscriber name and select the paging service you created in step 4 from the drop-down list. Enter the subscriber’s cell phone number in the Pager ID field.
6. When finished, click OK to return to the Configure Notifier window.
7. Click Edit Message if you wish you change the data included in the notification. Edit the message and click OK when finished.
8. Edit the notifier schedule, if required.
9. Click the Test Notifier button to confirm the message is sent and received.
10. When finished, click OK.

Note: This procedure has been tested using Verizon’s TAP access to their SMS/Text Message system. The access number is 866-823-0501. Other wireless providers may offer a gateway to their text/SMS message service.