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Is there a way to do escalation with notification?
If I have an event I might want to notify an engineer or technician, but if the event has not been attended to in say 15 minutes, can I escalate to someone else? (Like that engineer's boss or another engineer?)

Posted Thu, 19 Nov 2015 06:51:44 GMT by

We do not have an escalation procedure in the traditional sense, but what you can do is create two notifiers (ex, email), the first notifier will include the your noc or engineers (i.e. either their email address/or distribution list). Set up the notifier with the conditions to be used to trigger the response on the device (i.e. down, critical, warn,alarm..etc).  Then create a second notifier with the email address or contact info for next tier response, aslo set up the notifer with the conditions identical to previous to be used to trigger the response. Go to the notifier view list and assign the second notifier a time delay (i.e. if you want the next tier to be notified in 15 minutes) then set the delay to 15 minutes.  InterMapper will send the alert if the device is any any condition that triggers an alert.

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