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Perhaps like other users, I have a display with multiple maps rotating on a TV 24/7.  I get audible alarms and status updates, but frequently find it difficult to identify which device the audible alarm was played for.  I'd love to see a pop-up window to display device and map info when an audible alarm is played.  (Like a GMail notifier for example)


I am aware of the logs window, and the outages window, but I haven't found either to be able to quickly  identify the source of an alert.


Is there a better option?

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Hi Jack,

I'm not sure how large your network is, but if it's not too large you can do different sounds per types of devices to help identify the problem devices by audio. This would be accomplished by creating different sound notifiers and applying to different devices.

For Example: You could have a certain noise play for routers and noise specific to servers...etc.

Otherwise, I see a lot of customers use the device list view and sort by status. They leave that up on their big screen and the problem devices stand at the top of the list.




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