Q. I am not receiving sound notifications but sound is working for other applications on the same machine. How can I test this?

A. There are four tools for testing sounds in the client: 

Server Settings-> Test Notifier
- tests things like "is the sound turned on?" and attempts to play the sound.

Help->Diagnostics->Client Log->Misc->Empty Sound Cache
- simply erases all sound files that are stored locally so that they will be downloaded from the server again the next time they are needed. A client restart after emptying the cache may be necessary.

Help->Diagnostics->Client Log->Misc->Test Sound File...
- lets the user choose any sound file on disk (such as the file in the local cache) and will attempt to open and play it.

Help->Diagnostics->Client Log->Misc->Debug Sound Notifications to StdOut
- prints debugging information to the standard output location (Console.app on OS X, must be redirected on Windows).