* Why is my evaluation only able to monitor 25 devices?

It can monitor more! The web download licence is limited to 25 devices. To obtain a key that can monitor your entire network please contact us for a full key. Email [email protected] and we will contact you.

* Where do I register my InterMapper license?

Edit > Server Settings > Server Information > Registration

* Monitoring devices on multiple maps. How does that affect the license?

* How do Vantage Points/Dependencies work?

* How can I migrate InterMapper to a new server?

* What ports does InterMapper use?

* Reporting with InterMapper

Does Intermapper provide any type of reporting functionality? See these URLs to see the different ways to view data about your network.

Creating & Using Charts

InterMapper Flows

* How can I find out how many devices I'm monitoring with InterMapper. Do I have to count all the boxes on each map?

The Server Information pane of the Server Settings window shows the number of devices you are monitoring.

* Alerts for the link utilization

You can use the SNMP - High Traffic probe to alert on link utilization. This probe monitors the ifInOctets and ifOutOctets traffic statistics of a particular interface on the device, and sets the device into alarm or warning when the traffic exceeds certain thresholds. It also gives a DOWN alarm if the interface's ifOperStatus is not equal to 1 (up).

You will find this probe in the Network Devices folder in the Set Probe window.

* Google Earth HowTo?

There are two ways (or both on the same)

  1. Set individual lat/long on each device
  2. Set two 'benchmarks' on the map.
    Read about using geographic coordinates in InterMapper

* Some network ovals have more than one IP network number...

It's possible for a router or host to have two or more configured IP addresses for a particular interface.

It's also possible that InterMapper is only reporting what it has been told by the router, and the information it is using is incomplete. This may be true of multi-point network technologies (like frame-relay clouds). If you find a situation where InterMapper is reporting multiple networks on a logical network and you know it's wrong, please send us mail ( [email protected] ) so we can figure out a way to make InterMapper's depictions more accurate.

We would also like to hear about a network with multiple IP network numbers where InterMapper does not show them correctly.

* There are two separate network ovals on my map where I only expect one

Note: For devices polled with ICMP echoes, InterMapper tries to guess whether it should draw a link to the network that contains the IP address. If both network ovals look equally good, it may draw a link to the "wrong" one, or alternate between them.

* Why won't a device connect to the proper subnet oval?

* Uninstall InterMapper from OSX

* How to Create a Custom SNMP Probe